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Arch Environmental Group

According to a survey conducted by the National Education & Training Foundation, 78% of the American public does not understand that runoff from agricultural land, roads, and lawns is now the most common source of water pollution; and nearly half of Americans believe industry still accounts for most water pollution.  The EPA, the State of Michigan and your School District needs employees like you to help spread the message on preventing stormwater pollution.  We hope this video will inspire you to undertake group activities that highlight storm drain pollution, and to contribute volunteer community actions to restore and protect our local water resources.  One person can make a difference by simply changing a few daily habits or through more serious endeavors such as assisting watershed groups and conservation corps teams who want to participate in promoting environmental causes. As a school employee you have the ability to teach and inspire our youth.  Our water is a source of life for every living creature and we thank you for taking the time to watch this very important eleven minute video.  Other teaching materials are available through your School District and additional information is located on your School District’s web site.  Remember - When it rains, it drains.